Thank you to everyone who has embraced the Action Packs and who have helped spread the word with their enthusiasm in and enjoyment of the Action Packs.

Here are some reviews from around the web:

Twirling Betty “The magazines are beautifully put together with gorgeous illustrations and natural, uncontrived photography.  And if I’m honest I want to do most of the activities just as much as my kids.”

While she naps “the iPad makes these downloads so easy to access. We propped it up on it’s stand in the kitchen and then got going on the measuring and baking. This issue of Action Pack is stored in my iBooks shelf so we’ll be able to refer to indefinitely. … If you’ve never treated your kids (and yourself) to an issue of Action Pack, I recommend it. It’s a perfect choice for these weeks of summer vacation when you’re looking for something new and special to do that the kids can really take ownership of.”

BabbleThere are all sorts of new digital magazines popping up these days but Action Pack Mini-Mag is the first one we’ve seen all about kids crafts, specifically designed  just for kids!

Maya*made Action Pack hits the mark perfectly for children who want a little more independence, but need help coming up with good ideas of what to do and make.

Simple kidsAt a mere $5 and ad free (something I certainly appreciate in a publication intended for children), this mini-mag has been the perfect boredom busting solution for the string of rainy days we’ve been experiencing.

Design momIt’s a downloadable (and printable) magazine for kids from the clever minds at Whip Up.

The long threadWith over 20 pages of craft projects, outdoor activities, cooking, drawing and more, this really is an action-packed gem.

PoppytalkIssue 4 features Camp cooking, fishing, knot tying, boredom buster driving games, plus craft activities including a must-make utility bag – perfect for collecting seashells on the beach or stashing some snacks for a hike (every kid needs one of these)!

Crafty podI adore the concept here. This isn’t a random collection of projects! … The instructional quality throughout is great, too. There are diagram and photo instructions for all the key steps of each project. [And] the text instructions are written in kid-friendly language.

Canadian livingI’m thinking that you’ll get more than $5 worth of fun from that minor investment.

ReadymadeWe often feel that adults need just as much (or more) creative stimulation as kids—so I was pleasantly surprised to find many projects that are great for both of us.

Fat quarterlyThe Action Pack is a theme based ezine. Everything is designed to introduce your child to one topic and through manageable activities develop your child’s understanding of that topic.

LuvinthemommyhoodI’m a big believer in encouraging handmade in my home so to see this kind of publication come out to encourage not only our wee ones, but also our tweens, teens and everything else in between to create and use their imaginations does my heart good.

Modern parents messy kidsThis little magazine is really well done and it’s a total steal.  Seriously – what right-minded parent wouldn’t pay $5 for 25 pages worth of entertaining and educational activities for the kids?

SpoonfulAs a delicious favour to creative parents & friends of children everywhere Kathreen has started a little online publication … inside you will find wondrous projects for kids from floating paper boats, to beeswax lotions and honey cake recipes

Cool mom picksI’m looking for ways to keep my kids busy … for me $5 is a small price to pay for a few buzzworthy projects to curb the boredom.

Paper n stitch [Interview podcast]

Mommy coddleIt is clear from the pages of this magazine that Kathreen really knows how to inspire creativity in kids. This mini-mag is well thought-out, beautifully presented, and I can’t wait to see what other Action Packs come in the future.

Wise craftJust in time for these last itchy twitchy weeks of winter (or summer, depending on where you are) … I love books like this for simple reasons…the supplies are easy to pull together, and it gets the kids and I working on something fun together. Time well spent.

Craft nectarKathreen shows readers how they can explore the world in a very holistic way. It’s not just fun craft ideas, she’s included activities for the brain as well as the senses.

OhdeedohWith a whopping 60 pages of outdoor themed adventures and activities just for kids, Whip Up’s latest eMag issue can help you add all kinds of good stuff to your summer bucket lists.

CraftzineA few of my favorite projects are the recycled self watering pots, bird seed treats, hot cross bun recipe, and how to naturally dye eggs.

Mulgrave makers marketIt‘s so, so, so good! They recommend from 7 years and over but we have a 6 year old girl and we have loved making the cake and learning all about Bee‘s. Really good projects to do with your kids – spend some time with them, you may even learn something!

Elizabeth AbernathyThe philosophy behind Action Pack is to get kids up from in front of the TV and doing something active, creative, fun and (dare I say it?) educational. The former elementary school teacher in me couldn’t approve more!

The Storque I only wish Action Pack was around when I was a kid!”

JCHandmadeKathreen hit the ball out of the park – it’s a printable mini-magazine, with this particular issue organized around the themes of paper + beeswax.

MiniecoI can honestly say that I was amazed by the amount of ideas Kathreen has managed to pack into this issue.

Craftzine Interview “how [we] arrived at this publishing idea, and how kids are responding to these kinds of learning projects.”

BIG magazine “The Action Pack ‘all hands on deck’ approach is irresistible to kids” (+ an interview)

Little Eco FootprintsThe projects are simply super super cool. Healthy food, creative play, recycled creations, and valuable lessons. Can you imagine the confidence a child would gain from those lessons? And the beauty is that kids will think they’re simply having fun.”

lil Magoolie “Unlike other magazines, there is no advertising to distract from the content which means it’s just 40 pages of pure info. It would suit primary school aged children best but the tutorials are simple enough for a parent and young child to create together. [The] magazine content follows one theme completely through to the end unlike many magazines that have a variety of unrelated articles.”

Nini Makes “It’s smart, creative and fun and nicely speaks to slightly older children as well as younger ones.”

Carina’s craft blog: It’s written in a very kid-friendly way, but without talking down to ’em. There’s lots of photos and diagrams for the project steps, so they’re easy to follow. For some things, grown-ups will need to be a bit more hands-on than others.

Sewing school: I am overjoyed with each issue of this kids e-mag.  Seriously, it’s great. The photographs, the projects, the whole package.  It’s what I think most of us kid-crafty bloggers want to achieve.  I will say that most projects are not for the toddler crowd, but can usually be achieved with parent support.