Kids craft ideas - Action Pack for kids

Who is it for?

Q. Can kids under 7 use the Action Packs?

Yes absolutely with parental supervision. There are a huge range of projects in these Action Packs that would be suitable for family time creativity. The 7+ age range is a general guideline to enable kids to create without the need for constant parental support.

Q. What supervision is required?

Parents, when you first download the Action Pack, check the basic requirements, tools and materials, answer any questions your child may have. Assess your child’s capabilities before leaving them alone with this Action Pack. Some activities may require the use of heat or sharp tools. It is up to you to decide how much or how little supervision your children require.

Q. Is Action Pack targeted at boys or girls?

Why both of course ! You will find projects to suit both boys and girls in all the Action Packs.

Payment, back issues and gifts

Q. I’d just love to purchase a couple of your magazines, but since living in Germany, I have no idea HOW to do so! I mean, how does the payment before downloading work? Do you possibly accept PayPal?

We only accept payment through paypal. We sell all around the world no matter what your location. Simply go to the shop select your products, add to the cart and go through the check out using the paypal system. It is very simple and works perfectly.

Q. Are back issues available?

Yes all the issues are available. Each issue stands alone and they have no end date. They are perfect for use all year round.

Q. Do you offer a subscription to the ActionPack online magazine? I would love to give a subscription to my niece for Christmas but I didn’t see that option on your website. I saw that I could purchase back issues, and the current one, but nothing for future issues.

No we do not offer subscriptions at the moment. In the future we may do so, but we currently do not have the administrative capability of managing subscriptions. However the back issue packs make for great gift options.

Q. I love your magazines, and am considering using them a lot for our family next year as our go-to craft resource books! Please could you advise if it would be possible to get a flat rate for buying a copy of each of the issues you have produced to date?

Yes. You can purchase all the back issues from 2011 + 2012 as a bulk item – this will save you 25% [Shop]

Q. I wanted to buy an Action Pack bundle as a gift for some friends — can I do that via your website? It doesn’t seem to prompt buyers to supply an email address that is different from whatever they use with paypal… just wanted to make sure before buying!

Thats right – we don’t currently have that functionality — you’ll have to forward the digitals files and instructions to your friend once you receive it. Do tell your friends to contact me if they have any trouble with the file.

Q. I’ve just bought an Action Pack for my friend’s child — I’ve sent them the email that comes once you’ve paid with all the links and instructions and told them to do this within the set time. I’m assuming they can do this themselves… rather than my having to do it for them… is that right?

Yes that is absolutely right! However if they have any problems with downloading the file, let them know to email me.

Q. My daughter is only 2 years old so we are a way off of the Action Pack activities – that said, I know that when the time comes and she turns 7 then we will be super eager to purchase an Action Pack on a regular basis. Will it be possible to purchase the Action Packs that you are producing now, forever? Or is there a limit to how long they will be for sale? I know it might seem odd to pre-empt 5 years into the future, but I really love the look of the action packs – and really look forward to when we are able to benefit from them.

At this stage I have no plans to remove old issues from the archive – however who can say what will happen five years into the future. But at this stage I can say that they should still be available, and if I ever do decide to close down the Action Pack website I would certainly give everyone plenty of notice. Also I am planning on putting out a pre-school edition soon-ish too.

How to download/read/view/print Action Pack 

Q. I want to buy this as a gift for my niece. As it is an electronic mag, I was wondering how I ‘send’ it to her? I have never bought an e-mag before!

Action Pack Magazines make great gifts for kids, if they have an ipad or other pdf viewing device they can view them directly on that instead of printing them out. To gift these to someone you will need to purchase it yourself and then email it to the recipient as we do not have the functionality to email it to a separate email address. When you email it, make sure to send a little gift card along to make sure they know to expect it – as the links will expire eventually.

Q. How do I save the PDF to my computer?

Use the following instructions (either Windows or Macintosh) to save a PDF file to your computer’s hard drive. Saving the pdf file to your computer will enable you to keep it for as long as you wish.

For Microsoft Windows users:

  • Right-click the link to the PDF file, and then click Save Target As on the submenu.
  • The File Download dialog box opens allowing you to monitor the download. After the file is downloaded, the Save As dialog box opens.
  • Specify the location on your computer where you want to save the file, you may like to create a new folder called Action Pack Magazines, and click the Save button, then the Close button.
  • To open the file at any time simply double-click it to open it automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For Macintosh users:

  • Click and hold the mouse on the link to the PDF file, or Right click the mouse on the PDF link, and then click on Download link or Save Link As.
  • Specify the location on your computer where you want to save the file, you may like to create a new folder called Action Pack Magazines, and click the Save button, you will be able to monitor the download with a progress bar.
  • To open the file at any time simply double-click it to open it automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview.

Q. Can I read Action Pack on my iPad or Tablet?

You don’t need to do any file conversions or anything like that — the iPad or tablet is able to read PDF documents as they are using your iBooks or book reader app. What you need to do: Open iTunes on your computer, drag or save the Action Pack into your books/iBooks folder. Plug your Ipad into your computer and then drag the folder onto your iPad.

Q. Images are not showing up when I view the file on my iPad, what can I do? 

This problem can be easily fixed by opening and saving the pdf document first on your computer either in Adobe or in Reader and then transferring it to your iPad.

Q. Can you help if I have trouble downloading, viewing and printing the file?

Yes please read this page for help.

Licensing Action Pack

Q. Can Action Pack be used by schools, holiday programs or scout groups as a teaching resource?

Yes they can – but you must purchase an educational license — which can be purchased from our shop or find out more here.

Q. Who owns Action Pack?

Action Pack is owned, produced and edited by Kathreen Ricketson from

Q. My daughter’s 7th birthday is coming up, and we are having a science party. Just wondering if you would mind if I printed out just a few of your activities from the Action Packs (mad scientist and seeds and beads) to give to the kids in their party bags. I’d much rather them learn stuff and have things to do after the party rather than eat junk. I would print them out exactly as is so that the details of whip up appear down the bottom.

Yes of course – that is absolutely fine. I love readers to spread the science and craft love of Action Packs in this way to their friends. But please make sure to keep the Action Pack information with the print-outs. Have fun!

Advertising, affiliates and cost of Action Pack

Q. Why are there no ads in the Action Packs?

We believe that advertising aimed at children is immoral – that kids don’t need to know about how to buy more stuff instead they should be finding out about recycling and using natural materials in their creative endeavours. Therefore our mini-mags for kids will never have advertising.

Q. Why is Action Pack not available for free?

This is our job, we do this for love but we also need to make a living and feed our family. Because Action Pack has no advertising this means that for the price of a cup of coffee you can be assured that your children can create in freedom.

Q. Do you prefer not to have affiliates with low readership? I’m planning on getting the next Action Pack and am sure I’ll be posting about it so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to join, but perhaps it’s not worth it on your end?

I don’t mind how small or large your readership is – every little bit counts. When I first started out I decided to put a few google ads on my blog and I would earn only a few dollars a month – but you have to start somewhere. However you might have seen in the affiliate terms of use page that you won’t be paid until your total earnings reach $10.

Q. The affiliate “joining” page has room for one website address – would I be able to put my  affiliate links on two blogs?

You can put any of the links, ads and creatives from your affiliate area into any of your web sites, blogs, newsletters or emails. If someone clicks on any of these links and then makes a purchase, you (the affiliate) will be awarded a commission for that sale. Just remember though not to put the affiliate links into spam type emails or on forums where they don’t accept affilate links. Read the affiliate terms of use page for more information about where you can’t put the links.