Thank you to all the lovely readers who have sent in their letters letting me know how much they love the Action Pack. Here is what Action Pack parents are saying:

Thank you for the copy of Action Packs! I am so excited to share it with my boys. … It’s wonderful how you can bring many families together with all of their wonderful ideas through Action Packs.
Tamara (USA)

Big thank you from over here in Canada. I just wanted to let you know I think your magazine is to die for! I have an 8 year old little girl who has no interest in anything girly, and this magazine really speaks to her. It’s so hard to find things for girls that are not princess inspired, pink, and flowery.

Gretty and Zuzu (Canada)

Well, that might just be the best 6 bucks I’ve ever spent! I have 2 young boys (8 and 5) and we all love to make things. We are going to have hours of fun with this. My eldest is making the anemometer right now, as it happens. Thanks for putting out such a terrific quality magazine at such a good price!
Alice, Marcus and Ian (Australia)

I love Whipup and the world spinning around it. I am the happy mother of three active and intelligent children, aged 10, 7 and 5. I think that your last “Action pack” will be perfect to practice english reading with my bigger children. The motivation to apply the knowledge you share in the pack to immediate discovery and play outside should awaken their curiosity and help them catch as much vocabulary as they can. Isn’t that a great idea?
Filambulle (Switzerland)

I want to tell you how much my 8 year-old daughter has been enjoying your Action Packs. Every time you have a new one I print it out and then save it for a day when it would be nice to give her something special. She’s enjoyed every one of them and keeps them all in a three-ring binder so she can go back to them whenever she wants. I love that the projects are things she can do with little or no help from me – that’s so important for kids this age! This one will be especially well-received. She loves to play outdoors and this year she’s started exploring our woods on her own – making trails and bringing home lots of treasures. I think with your new Action Pack she’ll be outside all summer long. Thanks again – I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
Wendi (USA)

I have very much enjoyed your action packs. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 10 month old, and we have all got something out of the Action Pack. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm – we are big fans.
Katherine (Australia)

It is truly a lovely magazine– the pictures are beautiful and the layout is easy-to-follow and really attractive on the page– I love that I can print only what I need at the time and will have it in my computer files for later!  We are looking forward to “playing” with the ideas in it and excited about the next one! My daughter Meg (10 yrs) is already excited about making the utility belt and bag, and is anxious to try the Scavenger Hunt on our upcoming road trip!  And that’s just after a quick, first look-through!
Jenni (USA)

As homecschoolers, we love all things education and this is just the right amount of education and crafty fun to meet our needs.  What a tremendous bargain at $5! Cute magazines are sorely lacking in our world where we try to push kids into growing up too soon.  I have a feeling my daughter will be stalking my email for the rest of the magazines.
Rena (USA)

We have them all downloaded and ready to go… We can’t wait to use them. All the best with the planning for your road trip… it sounds great. I am just a “touch” envious, and will be following your progress as you keep us updated. Thanks for a great product which will be a great tool for us to use next year. 
Caroline (South Africa)

The Action Pack is great. I love that most of the recipes have ingredients that I already have on hand or are readily available at my grocery. So often you read about salves and potions for natural healing, only to realize you have to special order the supplies. The buying experience was excellent. I got the ebook almost immediately.  
Laura (USA)

I LOVE the action packs – and have downloaded them even though my kids are not quite independent yet, but we have loved doing some of the experiments together!
Ritu (Australia)