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An Education license is available for classrooms, camp groups, Scout and Guide groups, holiday programs etc to use as a resource for a group of children. These education facilities and not-for-profit groups may reproduce this publication up to 5o times for students and teachers within the organisation, without seeking further permission from the publisher. For larger groups please contact Action-pack[at]

These Action Pack downloadable and printable emags for children are the perfect resource for classrooms, scout and girl guide groups and school holiday programs.

1. Action Pack e-magazine for kids has no advertising

Advertising to children is not necessary – it is distracting and gets away from the point – which is to get back to basics, enjoy nature, enjoy creating and appreciate the little things. Advertising directed at children is exploitative and unethical. Children do not have the cognitive filters that to be able to assess advertising as different to the rest of the information they are taking in. Ad companies goal is to turn kids into sales agents to nag their parents – creating a culture of nagging, commercial indulgence and unhealthy eating habits.

2. Action Pack e-magazines for kids contain a mixture of crafts, science and cooking projects for both boys and girls.

The Action Pack magazines are great for both boys and girls. In fact they might even be slightly biased towards more traditional boy friendly activities as a way to reset the balance. All the issues contain craft projects, science projects, healthy recipes, art and creative ideas to get kids thinking and doing. Kids love to cook, experiment and create and the projects in these books give kids some creative and experimental ways to get on with the business of being a kid.

3. Each pack has a focus that encourages deeper learning of a particular subject.

Each issue of the Action Pack is themed, and can be used in any season. The themes allow kids to explore a subject in various ways and from different angles to allow a deeper understanding of the material or object under discussion.

  • Issue 1 the main theme is Beeswax, with various beeswax origami dipped projects, honey cake, beeswax lipbalm, fun facts about bees and even how to draw a bee.
  • Issue 2 the main theme is Seeds, with lots of ways to get kids out in the garden, creating seed bombs, garden decorations, beaded dragonflies (the good insect) and cooking with seeds too!
  • Issue 3 the main theme is Tea, experimenting with tea flavours, learning about the tea plant, and sewing up tea themed goodies like tea cups and tea cosies. A hand-stitch guide is included for sewing beginners too!
  • Issue 4 the main theme is Outdoors, and encourages kids to get outside to play, experiment, cook and discover. With lots of camping related projects as well as projects perfect for discovery in your local woods or backyard.

4. Action Packs encourage creativity, enjoyment of healthy food and discovery of natural resources.

These Action Packs are for all kids and parents who want to live a healthier and more natural life. Away from TV, computer and the ever increasing encroachment of the digital world into our lives. We want to encourage kids to love being a kid, learn about their local natural environment, encourage them to recycle and reuse materials in their craft projects, get them to explore their artistic and creative sides, help them to experiment in the kitchen and in the garden. Get them exploring and discovering and becoming more self sufficient, responsible and capable people.

5. We believe kids are creative, resourceful and capable.

And these Action Packs will help parents and kids to believe this too. Give kids a little freedom to create, explore and discover and you will be amazed at how capable and creative and resourceful they can be.

Purchase an educational license in our shop.