If you still wish to purchase Action-Pack we are establishing an Etsy Store.

At the moment only EARTH the last issue of Action-Pack Elements is available from the store but we hope to sell all the Action-Pack series as soon as we have contacted the contributors.

Proceeds from the sale of Action Packs from the Etsy store go to a trust for the late Kathreen Ricketson’s children.

The legacy of Kathreen and her husband Rob Shugg, the creatives behind Action Pack, will live on forever inside anyone who has enjoyed Action Pack or touched Kathreen’s beautiful Whip Up website, be it briefly or in great depth. The creative fires will never stop burning.
Thank you all for being part of the Whipup journey, for your contributions and comments over the years, and for supporting Action Pack.
Good bye and best wishes




Action Pack Magazine for kids who want to do stuff

A downloadable high quality e-magazine is just for kids (and their grown-ups and siblings too). There is no advertising in these magazines – just really great quality projects for creative curious kids who love to do stuff!