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March 16, 2013

My travels continue. We are now in Western Australia, quite far from home. We are camping on the Rainbow coast — such a pretty name — it is raining though and the forecast is rain for the next week and who knows how long after that. But we still plan on swimming today! We are in town visiting the library and the laundromat and then will head back to our tent to bunker down and snuggle up — reading our books and making some twig and moss houses.

I wanted to tell you about some of the Apps we are using while travelling. We use iphones, so these apps all relate to that platform — and I  have not linked to anything — you’ll need to access the app store yourself and search if any of these apps appeal to you:

Travel: We love Wiki Camps — a user updated app of camping spots in Australia :: Tom Tom Australia is essential :: and we have just recently discovered Willy Weather and are loving it :: Rob uses Motion x GPS for off road GPS.

Useful: We use HomeBudget to keep track of expenses and set budgets :: Find Friends has the grandparents able to keep track of our journey :: and we love the GeoCaching apps to discover GeoCaches nearby.

Camera: I use 6×6 camera app, Camera + and Camera Pro :: and we have a time lapse app which is fun too.

Other: We check bank accounts and paypal on our phones, do mobile blogging and surf the internet as well as check our emails all on our phones — so handy!

Social media: I have discovered vine — a 7 sec video sharing app ::  I love instagram to share photos and also use twitter and facebook on my phone too.

What travel apps have you used?

We recently we launched the latest edition of Action Pack magazine for kids. This edition is themed on Water — the first in a four part series focussing on the elements. A great issue with a bunch of fantastic contributors which was put together while on the road — libraries and tents and beach side writing — lots of ingenuity involved. If you are interested in contributing for further issues check in here. In the meantime do grab yourself a copy of this issue — only $6 for 40 ad-free pages of projects.


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