Camping around Australia on a budget with family

February 19, 2013




After 6 weeks on the road and a few different camping experiences under our belt, I can say that I need a bit if a rest!

Seriously though, I just wanted to share a few tips about camping in this vast land.


Camp in free camps when you can. Saves money and you can often get to some amazing spots. However these often have no amenities — be prepared to skip a few showers (swimming in the ocean or using a camp shower or a sponge bath! is a way around this).


Staying in caravan parks is a little over priced — especially for families (kids are often extra). However staying in one every now and again means access to laundry and showers. Take advantage of the camp kitchen too — great for meeting people.


National parks have super camping spots too. Often have primitive (drop) toilets but no showers. But give access to some incredible scenery.

Local knowledge

Talk to locals and other campers whenever you can. You’ll get the run down on all the good fishing spots and good camp spots.



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