A first aid kit

December 27, 2012

Everyone should have a first aid kit in their house and another in the car. But if you are going travelling then you may need to really think about what you include.

For our upcoming trip I have three first aid kids. A small basic one that stays in the front seat of the car. This one includes all the basic bandaids and bandages, as well as pain killers and salves. There is another first aid kit in our hiking bag, along with our emergency beacon and bottles of water. This is our grab and go hiking bag and it is great knowing that we have everything we might need in there.

Each kid also — in their day pack — carries a small ‘ouch pouch’ with basic first aid, along with their swiss army knives and water. Just in case.

In the tent we have a big mother of a first aid kit. It is just like our household kit, only geared a lot towards outdoor stuff. In there we have a burns kit, an eye injury kit, a cuts and abrasions kit, splinters and thorns kit, there are bandages and tape and antiseptic creams. We also have pain killers and ointment for aches and pains, we have tea-tree oil and herbal salve cream, sting cream allergy medicines. Hopefully everything we need for the most basic of ills and ailments.

Do you have a first aid kit handy?

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Mama_g January 13, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Great kits! We have an evac kit. It started as our earthquake bag (originally from California) and now it’s a general bug out with two big first aid kits and extras like Mylar blankets and masks. We have two smaller kits, stroller-size. I’m amazed how many people are out with nothing at the playground. We go through a lot of bandages and salve during the summer. I also include sunscreen and our emergency info sheet (ages, doctors’ info, medication, contacts).

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