Thoughts on preparing for a year away

November 3, 2012

As we find ourselves at the 2 months before departure point, we can no longer sit in denial at the amount of work we have to do to get ready for a year on the road. We must forgo our afternoon leisurely drink on the deck for the more frantic pacing, list making, scouring the internet for bargain equipment and researching DIY solutions and of course fretting over all the jobs left to do.

Our list involves a multitude of layers of sublists and time lines, must-dos and only-if-we-have-time-leftover-dos.

  1. Packing all our stuff away – this is a big one, sublists galore — clear out shed to store all of our stuff, purchase packing boxes and plastic wraps and vacuum bags etc, arrange to store our art and valuables (and quilts!) … not to mention sorting and throwing out and giving away — clearing out at the same time. … (Oh this is boggling my mind.)
  2. Cleaning – this one can only be done once the packing is finished (and includes minor repairs to the house as well).
  3. Garden maintenance – making sure the house is pretty low maintenance (getting all the outside jobs done, clearing the gutters, putting down mulch etc), what are we doing with the darn ducks!
  4. Packing list for our trip – we have to keep in minimal, we need enough stuff but not too much stuff (we have yet to decide on a clothing packing solution too, and Rob of course is diy-ing a back of the car drawer/organisation system)
  5. Sorting out homeschooling, crafts, hobbies, games, drawing supplies and books, as well as that I need a laptop for working (can’t take the desktop with me).
  6. Sorting out our technology solutions, satellite internet for those times we are in the middle of nowhere, ipad? laptop (yes), e-readers (do the kids need one each too?), our battery chargers for all these gadgets and the fridge, car maintenance (a biggie) and a CB radio too!
  7. There are things we need to buy – new boots, do we need wetsuits? kids have outgrown their flippers, who needs new swimmers (me!), new fishing gear (we lost all our fishing gear on a camping trip last year).
  8. Getting the house ready for rental – some of this is covered in the cleaning and garden maintenance section, but there still is a condition report to write and an information-about-the-house list to write.
  9. Rob and I both have separate lists about getting our jobs ready to be away for a year, putting systems in place to work on the road, backing up files, gathering resources etc
  10. And there is the fun one – which we think about late at night – where are we going? what are we doing on this trip? The projects, games, ideas, that we want to investigate and share. (Treasure hunting is on our list!)
Rob and I are sometimes at loggerheads about what should be at the top of the list and what can be left undone, Robs number one priority is number 6 and 7 and a bit of number 4 (his copper hand welded hot water system – designed and made by him is at the top of his list, along with designing a back of the car storage and organisation system), my top of the list is number 10, I am sort of pretending the rest of the list does not exist, but really number 1 & 2 are my responsibility (ugh!) and we are slowly each of us working through the sublists of item number 9 (again ugh!).

Wish us luck!

2013: We are heading on our way around Australia :: 12 month family sabbatical to reconnect as a family and slow down our life :: A camper trailer :: 4 people :: A book to write :: Homeschooling :: Adventures and treasure hunting … Yippee! I’ll be using Instagram [view: followgram or webstagram] and this blog (with updates on the newsletter) to document our trip as we go — follow our adventure!

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Beth November 4, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Good luck with tackling your list! One day you’ll be under a sky full of stars, hearing night sounds, and all the work will feel worth it. love, Beth

Dawn Suzette November 11, 2012 at 2:00 am

This is all very exciting. A wonderful reason to check off those lists!

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