My 10 favourite things for kids to do whatever season

July 31, 2012

A couple of years ago I wrote about my 10 favourite things for kids to do on weekends or on school holidays (my kids were in lower primary school then). I thought I would update that post with some thoughts for older kids. Whatever season, if you have kids you will need to think of some activities to keep them occupied. Here are my top 10 activities for kids to do in the holidays. These are things that 6 year olds and up can do without a lot of supervision – although there will always be questions and chatter. And best of all these activities are bound to keep them occupied for longer than an hour.

My 10 favourite things for kids to do whatever season. These are things that 6 year olds and up can do without a lot of supervision – although there will always be questions and chatter. And best of all these activities are bound to keep them occupied for longer than an hour.

1. Reading and drawing

  • [3 years ago] takes up a lot of my kids time and I like to enable this by providing interesting drawing materials – nice pencils, fancy crayons, and lovely books.
  • [Now] My kids still love reading – it is possibly their favourite thing to do. Drawing goes through phases – big poster sized paper gets their imagination going – chalk drawing on the sidewalk is fun too.

2.  Sewing

  • [3 years ago]Usually my kids like to have a go if they think it looks fun – my daughter especially is into making her own clothes and with my recent sewing machine acquisition I was able to pass on my old machine to her. Why not let your kids experiment with making some costumes or dressing up the family cat.
  • [now] We no longer have a cat to dress up, but the kids still like to try their hand at sewing experiments, usually when I have a deadline! But you choose your creative moments.

3. Felting

  • [3 years ago] a fun family craft – we went through a bit of a felting craze for a while – and the kids loved it – why not let them try needle felting or making some simple felt balls even felted soap – such a lot of messy clean fun.
  • [Now] We haven’t tried felting in about a year, but the last time we did it we all still loved it – and were able to make some quite advanced objects – like a bag!

4. Playing shop

  •  [3 years ago] a major favourite activity in our house – give them some materials to really make it authentic. Collect empty food packaging, cardboard boxes – they can even make their own currency.
  • [Now] The kids still like construction, cardboard and some recycled bits of junk and they can just go for it – we have graduated from tape to the glue gun now though!

5. Puppets, masks and other dressups

  • [3 years ago] theatrical opportunities can last all day.
  • [Now] Dress ups are still fun, puppets are still fun, however there is now a digital camera involved!

6. Playdough

  • [3 years ago] has always been popular in our house – we make it ourselves and playing with warm fresh playdough is so tactile and nice. We have graduated slightly from this and now the kids beg me to let them play with real dough so they can bake funny shaped cookies and then eat them.
  • [Now] Playdough is not really at use any more, but the kids do love to cook and bake.

7.  Paper crafts

  • [3 years ago] are also popular – give kids some recycled paper, scissors and glue and just sit back and watch. If you want to direct them or give them some creative ideas – try making flowers, boats, paper dolls and a doll house to go with.
  • [Now] Origami is huge in our house – and quite advanced.

8.  A playmat

  • [3 years ago] A great idea – we do a papier mache version – making cubby houses and pretend houses – whatever your skill level as a parent – getting your kids to use their imagination and crafty skills will keep them happily busy for hours.
  • [Now] Homemade marble run, race tracks, obstacle courses are the thing now.

9.  A yarn craze

  • [3 years ago] has entered our house – with competitions running for the longest finger knitting. We are doing 1 finger knitting, whole hand finger knitting, French knitting and are about to move onto bigger loom knitting projects.
  • [Now] We have graduated to regular knitting and crochet and braiding at the moment.

10. Getting outdoors

  • [3 years ago] this is a must no matter what the whether. Collecting leaves, stones and bits of bark to make things with later – try rock painting, bark boatsand nature collage. So many possibilities.
  • [Now] We still love to collect things from outside and make stuff with it – slightly more complicated things sometimes like a bow and arrow or jewellery. And of course add in gardening too!


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Leah July 31, 2012 at 11:38 pm

Thanks for this post – I love the comparison, showing the difference that three years can make,

Sarah October 12, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Love this idea. I am going to do it for my girls who are 13 and 16. I miss the days of felting and crafting, but realize they are still being creative just in new ways….that don’t always involve me.

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