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March 9, 2012

Don’t forget: If you haven’t already got yours — Grab an Action Pack Magazine for kids — it’s the Mad Scientist Issue: In our 9th issue of Action Pack Magazine for kids, we continue to encourage kids to think and do for themselves, to be independent and creative learners, they are able to explore science through art, cooking and experimentation. We also encourage parents to become observers and co-learners rather than having to take control in a teacher role. In this issue kids are able to go through a journey of self discovery and learn that science is indeed fun and real! Purchase a copy here.

I have added some new answers to our FAQ page thanks to some readers who wrote in with these specific problems:

Q. Can I read Action Pack on my iPad or Tablet? :: You don’t need to do any file conversions or anything like that — the iPad or tablet is able to read PDF documents as they are using your iBooks or book reader app. What you need to do: Open iTunes on your computer, drag or save the Action Pack into your books/iBooks folder. Plug your Ipad into your computer and then drag the folder onto your iPad.

Q. Images are not showing up when I view the file on my iPad, what can I do?  :: This problem can be easily fixed by opening and saving the pdf document first on your computer either in Adobe or in Reader and then transferring it to your iPad.

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