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March 28, 2012

Last week on we had some wonderful guest bloggers, talking about art with kids: Vicki Smith from the blog  Art with Kids wrote an amazing guest post explaining a few ways that she unleashes the creativity of children in her art teacher role, she says: The tactile experience is important for children to feel connected to what they are creating, and to learn how materials behave when handled. Then Susan Schwake from the blog artesprit talked about her new book — which I highly recommend — Art Lab for Kids, she says: One of my personal goals in teaching art is to build confidence and fearlessness in making it. Part of becoming fearless in making art is being prepared.

How to be prepared :: Set up an art station for your kids

  • Create an art station for the kids – a box or shelf is fine – fill it with bits of paper and cardboard, glue, scissors, tape and glitter! Add in some paint and crayons and you are set to create!
  • If you can get hold of rolls of paper of any sort – butchers paper, ikea paper rolls, Kraft paper, brown wrapping paper – whatever – this is perfect for rolling out on the floor or on a big bench and letting lots of kids create a joint art work.
  • If you have more space then you can set up recycled jars of pencils, textas, crayons, etc colour coded too if you like, on a shelf, ready to grab and draw. Make sure you have some cheap art journals / blank notebooks handy too.
  • Have a box where you collect and store recycled materials — tissue boxes, tea boxes, cardboard rolls, toilet paper rolls, plastic tubs – you get the idea – make sure the sticky tape, glue and scissors are stored nearby and the kids really can get creative with constructing all sorts of interesting sculptures.
  • Make a portable art caddy – a shoe box or wooden box with handle and compartments (image above from here) which can be toted around the house, set up outside or on the dining table – where ever the kids want to be!

Let the kids get creative in the kitchen!

 Some cooking for/with kids ideas

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