Action Pack : Issue7 :: Sticks & Stones

October 30, 2011

Issue 7 of Action Pack, is one that is close to my heart – it’s all about the freedom of childhood – sticks and stones are simple ancient tools that can be made into all sorts of things for games and adventures.

This is a printable downloadable e-magazine – with no advertising — and 30 pages of making, baking and adventure.

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Kids – go wild, experiment, play, cook, taste, imagine, get outside and create cool things with the projects in this book.

We had so much fun making these projects – our slingshot is based on a traditional Navaho design – easy to get started but takes care and practice to become a good shot! We also loved making our ephemeral art pieces and practicing our whittling skills on our recent camping trip.

Contributors: Lisa Tilse (Australia) and her daughter show us how to make message stones, and Anne Weil (USA) and her three kiddos make a pretzel log cabin and some delicious cinnamon sticks.

Margie Oomen (Canada), Susan Phillips (USA), Katie Startzman (USA) and Joan Gorman (England). Margie paints stone eggs and creates an inuksuk snowglobe, Joan and her daughter Grace make wooden jewellery, Katie and her boys whittle a fork, and Susan and her kids make a nature version of the classic game tic-tac-toe.


The Action Pack Magazines are aimed at the 7-12 age group – however there are projects suitable for older and younger kids too – Painted rocks and the pretzel cabin would be perfect for little ones, and Wooden jewellery and the Braided Sling are perfect for teens and adults too.

Available now

Instructions: After you have purchased the Action Pack you will receive an email with the link to where you can download the pdf. Save it onto your computer and then print out. It is a full colour 20+ page document – print the pages all at once or you need as you need them. For optimum quality choose ‘best quality’ when printing, especially for the pages with illustrations. However feel free to print it out in black and white too. Your PDF can also be saved and viewed onto your Tablet or iPad.

Important: The pdf magazine will be automatically delivered via e-mail as soon as your payment is received. The email address that it is sent to is the email connected to your paypal account. The e-mail you receive will include a link to download the file directly to your computer. Please note that the link will only allow you to access the file for a limited period, so please make sure to download and save the file on your own computer as soon as you receive it. Lost files may be replaced for a period of 30 days following purchase.

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