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In 2013, Action Pack editor Kathreen Ricketson started her Action Pack Elements Series. With the help of some fabulously creative contributors from around the world two beautiful magazines were completed. ‘Water’ was released first, as Kathreen and her family set out on their family holiday around Australia. ‘Earth’ was completed in May 2013 but we’ve had to wait quite a while to make this publication available to you all. Our apologies, but the Earth stood still for us here at Action-Pack and for many of you world wide in May 2013, when we lost Kathreen and her husband Rob in a tragic drowning accident.

We are finally posting the second issue in the Elements series, the last Action Pack issue that Kathreen produced, and the last we will release. Action-Pack, and its parent website Whipup, will be winding up later this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed the magazine and the website over the years. Please consider purchasing Earth, Water and any of the other magazines in the Action-Pack shop. All proceeds go to Kathreen and Rob’s children, who are resettled and growing up healthy and happy with their cousins.

AP-Earth Issue 2 Elements

Action Pack :: EARTH issue — Elements Series

Issue 2 in our Elements series is all about EARTH – so vital and grounding, fun to explore, discover and observe. In this issue we have 10 contributors and over 30 pages, from around the world. With super cool projects from building your own worm farm to making edible jelly worms, participating in a rockin’ rock swap and baking rock cakes, you’ll be sure to have loads of fun and learn a little along the way too.


Action Pack :: WATER issue — Elements Series

The Elements Series began with WATERin 2013. WATER features 15 contributors, and more than 20 projects. These wonderful contributors from around the world walk us through arts and crafts, science, experimentation, adventure, cooking and play — all related to water.


These are the only two issues of the Elements Series to be produced

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